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Merry Go Round Preschool is licensed to accept children between the ages of two to five years of age. Our curriculum focuses on cognitive, language, physical, social and emotional development of each child. Our classrooms are well-equipped with materials that enhance imagination and socialization. Each day we help children to actively explore the world in a safe and nurturing environment.  


We work together with you and your child on successful potty training. As children work and play together, they learn to make choices that impact upon their environment. Developing a healthy sense of self-worth allows them to take risks that are essential to the learning process. Each day, we send a photo or video directly to your phone, so you can really see what your child has been doing.


We welcome children of all races, color, nationalities, and religious origins. We believe a wide variety of backgrounds will enrich our school. We teach tolerance, respect, and diversity so our children will grow into emotionally sturdy young men and women.

Voted #1 Preschool!

- Beacon Readers

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4735 Santa Cruz Avenue San Diego, CA 92107


Phone 619.225.0344

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